Saturday, March 24, 2012

Friday, March 23, 2012

kathy ruttenberg @ STUX gallery

After walking the high line with my mother, i stumbled into STUX and was pleasantly surprised that a long time favorite artist of mine, kathy ruttenberg, was having an opening for her latest collection of work, the earth exhales: ceramic sculptures. here are some of my favorites from the show...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Curl Power Collab with Miss Jessie's at FIT!


I had the honor of collaborating with the absolutely curltastic power brand Miss Jessie's on a "Tress for Success" flier at FIT's girl powered event WOW! Here it is for your viewing pleasure above. Each of the event's goody bags got a flier of curl inspired tips from yours truly along with an array of super fab Miss Jessie's goodies. 

I was truly invigorated with girl power from the symposium. Women from all walks of life shared their stories, histories, and guidance with the FIT Community, shedding their strength on the next generation of the creative, female workforce. What a strong, ambitious group we are!

My favorite quote came from Monona Rossol, an advocate of healthy art environments. She opened saying, "If you find something you love to do, do the hell out of it!" And to that I say, "Right on Monona!"

Curl Power from left to right: Me, Titi and Miko Branch (Co-Founders of Miss Jessie's), and Melanie Reim (Director of the FIT Diversity Board & Chair of Graduate Illustration) at today's WOW event.

The women behind the brand above and the wonders they make below!