Friday, June 25, 2010

black and white

after much sugary colored sweetness, here are some black and white stills from frankenstein (1931) and dracula (1931) that i snapped for my graduate thesis, which explains how gothic and fantasy characters are influencing contemporary fashion/beauty illustration (alla kime buzzelli, laura laine, ruben toledo, etc.). here is a quick snippet on why these scary girls are so irresistible:

"These women insight fear,
but they are like beautiful apparitions
floating in the dark space with their long, white gowns.
In their sheer linens,
they creep through cobwebs like spirits,
yet they are glamorous and captivating.
The viewer cannot help but stare at them,
not only because they are terrifying,
but also because they are mesmerizing."

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

confessions of a teenage sketchbook

"seventies makeup instructions"

when i was a teenager, all my girls wore seven inch platforms and star-shaped pasties. a lot of them dyed their hair pink or blue. i liked punk, but only if it was rainbowed or raved up. i was obsessed with nail polish, specifically hard candy, and i liked the words "babydoll" and "harlot."

here are some pages from my old sketchbooks. not much has changed

"runway paper doll"

"pretty girls"

"red page with jean paul gaultier"

"slightly disconnected"

"balancing in stripper heels"


"i asked, 'will there be rainbows?'"


"glitter girl"

"beauty is stolen"

"punky girls"

"strippers and gravity"

"sailor moon, pasties, and seven inch platforms"

"and i am a working lady"


"i never stopped wishing on my eyelashes"