Tuesday, December 29, 2009

lynnie yaeger on one-of-a kind beauty

Even before I met her, I'd admired Lynnie's look from afar. Her copper henna do, pink spotted cheeks, and Kewpie-doll painted lips unite to make one very unique, very recognizable LY package. Here is a quote from her piece "All Dolled Up" from O Magazine's Jan 2010 issue.

"Early on, I decided to ignore the industry's dictates--so stifling, unattainable, judgmental--and make my own rules. I had long admired women with strong signature looks--Anna Piaggi, Diana Vreeland, Isabella Blow--for whom the fashion world had made an exception. And I found myself reaching far outside the box for role models: to the women in Pre-Raphaelite paintings (those floaty clothes suited my physique far better than jeans and a T-shirt); to silent-movie heroines (their pale complexions were easy for me to replicate); even to Victorian dolls (whose round faces and rosebud mouths reminded me of me).

Inspired, I started experimenting...Though some of my more extreme choices have provoked laughter or incredulity, I also get more compliments than I could have imagined. This may be because I live in New York City, where a certain level of eccentricity is appreciated. But I like to believe that no matter where I lived, people would come to respect--maybe even like! admire!--the steps I've taken to create my own nutty, undeniably unique, and for me, deeply satisfying, look."

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darling mabel

Here is a commissioned portrait I did for my darling friend, mabel. She's a whimsical curly head like myself.

She designs dainty little hair clips using organic yarns, dupioni silks, exotic feathers, crystal beads and more.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

check out my new website!

Jumping with joy!

I just launched my new website, so you can see all of my artwork in one new, clean cohesive space! Hip, hip, hooray!!!


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Friday, December 4, 2009

cirque du rykiel

The house of Rykiel does it again with this fantasy world performance of lingerie, flowers, brassieres, swings, stripes, and tights! Sonia Rykiel's show for her new line with H&M was an extravaganza...french brothel meets naughty children's carnival land. Merry-go-round horses, bubble balloon trees, swing sets, satin beds, and chandelier floats made their way through the incredible set letting everyone at the get a glimpse of the joyride.